Nadja Hawranek is a young, charming show artist who makes her inner radiance shine on stage with her openness and warmheartedness. Her artistic performance is at a high level, distinguished by fascinating agility and a polished technique! Nadja Hawranek has been travelling around the world after graduating from the State School of Acrobatic Arts, managing to win over amazed audiences with her dynamic/ poetic acts and her passion. Gracious, poetic and as free as a bird, she floats through the air, blurring the boundaries between gravity and weightlessness. Start dreaming and let yourself be enchanted by artistic creations!
Shows aerial acrobatics:
Dance trapeze/ static trapeze
Aerial silks
Aerial flying Umbrella

Trailer: "feeling good"

Classical static trapeze show to the sounds of : "feeling good"!

Trailer: Dance trapeze

A modern dance trapeze piece to the sounds of Ludovico Einaudi!
Excerpt: „Zunächst verbindet Nadja Hawranek (modernen) Tanz am Boden mit sehr athletischer, eleganter Luftartistik: träumerisch und vogelfrei, zart und schön. „ -Kieler Nachrichten