Nadja Hawranek was born in Filderstadt. Moved and overwhelmed by her first visit to a theater/ new circus show as a little girl, her curiosity for art and body control never left her, so in 2008 she decided to go to the State School of Acrobatic Arts in Berlin. There she successfully graduated in 2014 with her school leaving examination and received the best grade as a state-certified artist. Even after her education, she took lessons and gained experiences in the fields of dance (Danceworks Berlin) and drama (Forum 3 Stuttgart). With her shows, she performs in variety theater shows, festivals and gala events. As well she takes part of creative fotoshootings and generally loves to connect and cooperate with different artists and art forms. In Berlin she is a member of the company "Vola Stageart "where she can perform as a vertical dancer and acrobat, being able to expand her skills and to implement her passion for overcrossing art forms.